How to make your bad day less terrible

It’s been a tough year. If today feels like the worst day in a spectacularly terrible year, I can imagine how you feel.

If you feel like crying, do so.

Tears is the shower of the soul. Do so at your desk, the nap room, or in the bathroom. Give your soul a good scrub.

Take a good long walk.

After you’ve cleaned your eyes with the back of your hand, rinse your hands, apply that rose-scented hand lotion your Aunt Jem gave you for Christmas. Listen to “Summer Days” by Radio Citizen and take a walk around the block.

Turn your face towards the sun

Walk towards the sun. Look up towards it with your eyes closed and imagine your face radiating — golden and warm. Breathe in, long and deep. Hold it for four seconds. Breath out, long and slow.

Buy some coconut water

Drink straight from the husk. It’s sweeter. Your lips will scratch for a few minutes, but they’ll also be soft to the touch.

Find your way home

Wash your feet. Light a scented candle. Change your sheets. Order in Attieké from that Ivorian place. Turn up your air conditioner and wear your longest comfiest night socks.

Promise to make tomorrow better

Before you sleep, feel your heart. It’s pumping blood. Then promise to make tomorrow better. You are the architect of your happy days.

Not your friend!