The tragic genius of the internet is that we gravitate towards the worst aspects of it.

It’s why 30% of internet content is porn and why porn sites attract more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined.

It’s why brands are gravitating towards clapping back on social media when they could instead be a supportive infrastructure helping to direct culture towards more kindness and empathy.

The culture of the internet forms at the speed of light by a decentralized mass of people directed by the basest of human desires. Yet, we (humans and brands) must push ourselves to use social media and the internet in more positive ways.

In ways that challenge other people to celebrate goodness rather than scale up the darkness.

Brands who look at this trend of dereliction and lead a band of internet denizens in the other direction will be making a loud and resonant counter-cultural statement that won’t only get attention but generate real goodwill. More importantly, they will help make everyday life brighter.

The experienced marketers reading will likely be nodding vigorously at this point ready to launch a cause marketing campaign.

I’m sorry, but the next step is not cause marketing or any grand gesture.

It’s agreeing to check every content from your brand against the one question: “will this make someone feel better about being alive today?”

The simple rule becomes; to be the sunshine that peeks through someone’s cloud no matter what it takes.

Originally published on myLinkedIn Pulse.

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